Should YRF’s claim of 313 crore gross worldwide for Pathaan be taken with a pinch of salt?

YRF is claiming that Pathaan is a humongous historic hit within just 3 days of its release. According to a recent press release issued by the company, the film has already crossed 313 crore gross worldwide in just 3 days. Sounds quite magical, isn’t it?

The press release goes on to claim that “Yash Raj Films’ Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand, has recorded the biggest opening weekend in the history of Hindi cinema, which it set on Day 3 of its release, by collecting an incredible 313 crore gross worldwide in just 3 days! With this feat, Pathaan also created two new records – the fastest Hindi film to breach 300 crore worldwide barrier and secondly, becoming the first Hindi film to collect over 300 crore gross on its opening weekend!” Woah!

It further claims that “On Day 3, a normal working day, Pathaan collected 38 crore nett in Hindi format, while dubbed formats earned 1.25 crore nett. The total India collection on Day 2 was 39.25 crore nett (47 crore gross). Meanwhile, overseas collection was also astronomical as it collected 43 crore gross ($5.3M). The total worldwide collection on Day 3 was an insane 90 crore worldwide gross box office.”

The press release further insists that Pathaan has become a “must watch theatrical entertainer” which is being celebrated across the nation. It adds says that Pathaan is a part of “Aditya Chopra’s ambitious spy universe.” Probably it means, YRF’s spy universe.

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