Bhumi Pednekar thanks Anushka Sharma for being a Climate Warrior

Bhumi Pednekar has thanked Anushka Sharma on Instagram. Her post says: Thank you so much @anushkasharma for being the #ClimateWarrior that you are ! All living beings are equal, beautiful and we should all co-exist with love and respect. ‪Sending you lots of love and gratitude.”

Anushka had earlier posted: “This World Environment Day, my #OneWishForTheEarth would be that all of us should treat all the plant and animals species with kindness and equality! Let’s all aim to be #ClimateWarriors. @bhumipednekar way to go.”

Meanwhile Ayushman Khurrana said: “My #OneWishForTheEarth would be that all of us should use water consciously. It is an extremely vital resource and everyone should do their bit in saving water at all times. @bhumipednekar amazing initiative. #ClimateWarrior #WorldEnvironmentDay”

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