Armaan Malik cribs and talks empowerment in the same breath

Indian music artist Armaan Malik recently talked about his thoughts on the current scenario of the Indian music industry. He said, “I feel Indian artists (especially musicians) aren’t appreciated enough on the home turf. We still yearn for that recognition in India. We have phenomenal artists with second-to-none skill sets out here but very few platforms to get them enough appreciation they deserve.”

Malik, who recently topped Billboard’s Triller Global Chart for his new English single, ‘How Many,’ in November 2020, feels that the pandemic has given him a chance to work on himself. He said, “I think the challenges I faced this year made my music even more personal and expressive. That is the beauty of music, wherever you are and whatever you may be going through, you can write music in any situation. I have definitely grown a lot as an artist during this lockdown. Honed my skills as a singer, got to learn new ways to self-shoot video content, and in general be super self-sufficient. I think I will come out to be a better me when the lockdown officially ends.”

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